Fujitsu claims to reach the agreement on FlexRay permits with the rich life

Fujitsu Limited announce company use into FlexRay (explanatory note 1) from rich generation recently Permission of the communication control device IP module. Win after the permission this, Fujitsu Limited can imbed for vehicle (explanatory note 2), mcu of microcontroller, that produce it accurate FlexRay IP that design ,And put out the quality product of future generation on the market rapidly.
Fujitsu can produce the LAN CAN of the control device (explanatory note 3) at present And local Internet LIN (explanatory note 4) MCU of two kinds of interface protocols, it can be used for various cars’ controlling application, including temperature controlling system, gage board, navigation system, security, sensor electronic system, power transmission and chassis electronic system in the shockproof system of electron, car. With the increase of the data bulk and intensification of different systematic complexity, the control system is required is a faster, more reliable data transmission system in the future car. Get FlexRay IP permit, from rich generation, Fujitsu can introduce, have faster, more reliable car of data transmission system control and employ the new product rapidly.
The nuclear characteristic is its achievable 10M BPS of data transmission speed in FlexRay IP, the trough when the bus system that it uses can preset the required one in transmitting the bus line, thus improve the transmissive reliability of the data. Imbed the characteristic that the one piece MCU will further promote the electronic control system of the car of FlexRay IP and expand its range.
Fujitsu’s plan puts out a kind of field programmable gate array FPGA (explanatory note 5) Prototyping board, make customers imbed FlexRay their products very easily. The company also plans to regard FlexRay as a kind of special application standardized product ASSP (explanatory note 6) this year The standard IP solution is introduced to the market, in this way the customer can use FlexRay IP for other CPU kernels and form one’s own system. By the beginning of 2006, the company would put out the first and inlay MCU with FlexRay IP. Such the 32-bit microcomputer FR kernel (explanatory note 7) based on Fujitsu embedded solution .
This kind inlays the high-speed new product with FlexRay, help Fujitsu together with CAN and the intersection of LIN and two the intersection of interface protocol and products with high reliability and MCU fine applying the intersection of the car and control system to widely.
Term and explanatory note
It is LAN agreement for vehicle of a kind of future generation. It features that has high reliability, are suitable for advanced control function, its achievable 10M BPS of maximum speed. FlexRay alliance is promoting the canonicalization of FlexRay at present, make it become advanced car control protocol of future generation. It is an important member of FlexRay alliance generation to be rich.
Microcontroller. A kind of ultra compact microprocessor, can usually be used as the central processing unit. Also called the one-chip computer.
Control device LAN. It is the most extensive LAN agreement for vehicle of a kind of use. The transfer rate of maximum is 1M BPS.
Local Internet. A kind of LAN agreement used for low-cost car network. The transfer rate of maximum is 20K BPS.
Field programmable gate array. Large scale integrated circuit, programmable, can change the logical calculus of the electronic device in design, production and post-production.
Special application standardized product. Standardized integrated circuit used for special purposes.
7.FR kernel
32-bit microcomputer CPU used for embedded apparatus of Fujitsu Limited.